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Why should I but a mobile smartphone?

If you want advanced capabilities from your phone including better connectivity and many features not available on regular cell phones then a smartphone is for you. 

The platform the phone runs on is more sophisticated and able to run advanced applications not available on most cell phones.

Because a smartphone uses a dedicated operating system application, third party developers can write specific applications that can run on the phone.

A state-of-the-art smartphone benefits from an abundance of internal memory as well as a powerful processor. Most smartphones also have larger display screens than the typical cell phone.

What are some of the different types of mobile smartphones?

In addition to 3G smartphones and 4G smartphones there are smartphone pdas and Blackberry phones. Some smartphones have gps systems and some are unlocked to provide you with more capabilities.

How many people own and use smartphones?

More than 230 million people subscribed to smartphone plans worldwide in 2010 including more than 45 million people in the United States. This includes wifi smartphones as well as pda smartphones, iPhones and Android smartphones.

A Brief History of Smartphones

During the 1990s smartphones gradually improved in their capabilities and design. In 2002 the Palm OS Treo was offered by Handspring setting a new standard in the smartphone market including convenient wireless web browsing and email. 

The smartphone also offered a calendar, contact organizer and full keyboard. In addition, third party mobile applications could be downloaded onto the Palm OS Treo or synced using a computer.

Also in 2002 the BlackBerry by Research in Motion was released breaking new ground in the effort to provide easy access to wireless email. Today more than 32 million people are using the BlackBerry mobile smartphone.

We’ve Come A Long Way with Smartphone Technology and Price

It was only in 2007 that an iPhone cost $500 and spawned a new wave of popularity for the elegant high-tech smartphone. The icons that could simply be tapped with a finger, the web browser, the touchscreen, oh my!

However with a lack of 3G support (since there was no 3G network coverage in the U.S.) it was left to those who wanted to “jailbreak” their phone run third party applications though this jailbreaking process was not approved by Apple.

With the glow of the iPhone still illuminating the smartphone world the Android operating system appeared in 2008. 

This cross platform, open source operating system with the full support of Google behind it was quite attractive to many and began to influence the smartphone market as it also had the full support of some prominent hardware and software developers such as ARM, Motorola, Intel, HTC, and eBay, all of which joined forces to agree upon the Open Handset Alliance.

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