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Mobile Smartphone Operating Systems

Mobile devices use a variety of smartphone operating systems including Linux-based systems (Android, Palm WebOS, Samsung bada and Maemo) as well as the Blackberry OS (by RIM), Windows Mobile, Apple’s iOS, and Symbian OS, and Apple’s iOS (evolved from the UNIX-based BSD and Nextstep operating systems). There is also an OS called Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless.

The mobile smartphone market continues to develop and change with new advances being made each year on many different fronts. Mobile devices will continue to provide new and desired features and better connectivity not just for a smartphones but for a variety of mobile devices.

Some Mobile Smartphone Definitions

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) refers to a technology used on display screens of some mobile smartphones that requires a relatively low amount of power yet provides a brighter image and better playback during video viewing and when motion graphics are employed.

Apps refers to software applications that are run on smartphones and typically are specific to the particular operating system being used on the mobile device.

Dual Band refers to a phone that is able to receive and transmit signals over two frequencies (cellular bands). Similarly a Tri band or quad band may receive/transmit on three or four frequencies respectively. More bands leads to more reliable service in locations outside the primary service area of the phone user.

Geo-Tagging allows precise locations of images to be attached to an image file by attaching GPS coordinates to the file.

GSM refers to Global System for Mobile Communications comprising the worldwide standard for data and voice transmission digitally.

LED Flash refers to light-emitting diodes used to create a camera flash. The technology is desirable largely due to its relatively low power requirements as well as its small size and sufficient brightness. LED Flash is often used on mobile smartphones as well as camera phones.

Locked refers to mobile smartphones or regular cell phones that are only able to operate on the network of the carrier that sells the phone. In contrast, and unlocked mobile phone can perform on any network.

Synch refers to the process of synchronizing (e.g., reconciling) data between two electronic devices (e.g., a mobile smartphone and another device). Many modern mobile smartphones are able to automatically complete data synch on the device, whereas previously it was more common to have to connect the phone to a network or computer for the synch to occur.

Tethering refers to the use of one electronic device for providing an internet (e.g., web) connection for one or more other devices. This may be done with a cable connection or using Bluetooth. One example of tethering is when a mobile smartphone works as a modem for a netbook or laptop via the phone’s cellular connection.

 WiFi Support refers to the ability of a device to access a WiFi hot spot where it is available. For example, a mobile smartphone may be  able to connect to the Internet using either a WiFi hot spot or a cellular service.

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