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Mobile Smartphones Reaching a New Threshold of Technology Advances

With the rise of Android phones and iPhones it seems as mobile phones are reaching a new threshold and every month we hear something new about technologies that are coming into the mobile phone marketplace.

From the HTC phones and Samsungs to the Blackberrys, unlocked smartphones, Motorolas, Windows smartphones, GSM smartphones, iPhones and many more the possibilities in the future are endless.

Meanwhile the year 2010 saw a marked increase in mobile smartphone use totaling about 50% growth in the industry during the second quarter compared to 2009. During the second quarter of 2010 there were more than 61 million smartphones sold.

Four Major Vendors Dominate Mobile Smartphone Operating Systems

Of all the smartphones sold about 90% of the operating systems were from one of the four major vendors of operating systems. Apple led the smartphone sales followed by Motorola and HTC. 

Symbian is the leading seller of mobile smartphone operating systems and second place goes to Research in Motion and their Blackberry phone. Android phones are third and gaining ground. The Apple iOS is number four in mobile operating systems.

Future advances in smartphone software as well as Wi-Fi, PDA smartphones, and other technologies promise rapid advances in the very near future.

Android phones are attracting new users faster than any other phones. This has been largely attributed to the non-exclusivity of the operating system which is directly due to the Open Handset Alliance. Android is expected to soon overtake both Apple and Research in Motion.

Google Releases Smartphone Nexus One in January 2010. The phone utilizes the Android operating system and provides a multi-touch screen in a firmware update available one month after the phone debuted.

Customized Operating Systems Provide Optimal Mobile Platforms

Mobile devices such as smartphones are controlled by an operating system known as a mobile operating system, often called a mobile OS. This mobile OS serves as the platform for the mobile device. These mobile smartphone operating system may also be referred to as a hand-held operating system.

Wireless broadband and local connectivity are the primary foci of mobile operating systems, unlike the typical desktop computer, pc, or laptop operating system such as Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. 

In contrast to those operating systems, an OS for a smartphone will typically utilize a variety of input methods and also mobile multimedia formats.

There is a high level of competition in the mobile operating platform market. The big players include Google, Palm, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Research in Motion and Apple. The Open Handset Alliance led by Google beginning in 2007 was initially based on the Linux OS.

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